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Deelaa by SystemSpecs: Revolutionizing E-ticketing and event management



Deelaa by SystemSpecs

SystemSpecs, Nigeria’s Fintech trailblazer, proudly introduces Deelaa, the next-gen e-ticketing platform that is rapidly changing the face of the entertainment, leisure, and lifestyle sectors.

Born in 2022 under the visionary umbrella of SystemSpecs, Deelaa has swiftly transitioned into the go-to marketplace for both B2C and B2B sectors.

Beyond being a platform, it serves as a nexus between event organizers, businesses in the leisure realm like cinemas, amusement parks, beaches, and consumers.

Through, fun enthusiasts can seamlessly access a plethora of deals and discounts. Emphasizing a user-centric design, Deelaa provides an easy, secure, and intuitive space for listing, purchasing, and selling tickets online.

Echoing the brand’s commitment, the slogan “skip the queues” isn’t just words – it’s a promise. Deelaa assures ticket seekers of unmatched convenience, bypassing the traditional hassles of securing tickets to top-notch events and activities.

The platform’s efficacy and efficiency have earned it the trust of numerous marquee names in the leisure industry. Landmark Beach, Avista, The Good Beach, Sol Beach Ebonyplace, Imax, and Fun Factory, among others, are now leveraging Deelaa’s unparalleled ticketing services.

SystemSpecs, a beacon in the software industry, consistently delivers world-class human capital management and financial solutions to a diverse clientele – individuals, corporations, and governmental entities. Now, with, the legacy of SystemSpecs’ innovation and problem-solving brilliance embarks on a new chapter.