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Empowering 3000 women in retail businesses: Alerzo, and Schneider Electric illuminate Oyo with solar lamps



Alerzo and Schneider Electric

Alerzo, in collaboration with Schneider Electric, has empowered 3000 women in the retail sector in Oyo State, Nigeria, with Mobiya solar lamps through the LIGHT UP initiative.

Alerzo is Nigeria’s leading B2B e-commerce and financial services platform and Schneider Electric is a global leader in digital automation and sustainability.

Established to tackle Nigeria’s electricity challenge within the micro-business sector, this partnership represents a noteworthy stride in shaping a more sustainable and promising future for women entrepreneurs in Oyo State, Nigeria.

Adewale Opaleye, CEO of Alerzo, sheds light on the broader vision of the LIGHT-UP initiative.

He emphasizes the aim to deliver sustainable and profitable support to micro-businesses. He

Together with Schneider Electric, we can continue and further this mission. Many retailers face a daily pressing challenge: namely an inadequate supply of electricity.

Through this partnership with Schneider Electric, we can not only unlock their access to digital products but also improve their family’s day-to-day lives.

Opaleye continues,

Engr. Ajibola Akindele, MFR., Country President, Schneider Electric, speaks on Schneider Electric’s contribution to sustainability and empowerment for women across various socioeconomic strata.

Highlighting the immense benefits of the Mobiya Lite, a few beneficiaries who shared their experiences had this to say,

Another said

The Schneider Electric Mobiya Lite is not only a source of illumination but also a catalyst for enhancing business productivity and a cornerstone for enabling access to educational resources for the children of these enterprising women.

Alerzo empowers businesses of all sizes to reach their full potential through an ecosystem of unique business tools.

Their comprehensive digital services include a mobile B2B marketplace providing (1P) same-day delivery of fast-moving consumer goods (Alerzoshop) and a payment and business management solution (Veedez), which simplifies day-to-day operations and allows businesses to focus on their growth and success.