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European Investment Bank announces 14 million euros loan to Emzor Pharmaceuticals 



European Investment Bank

The European Investment Bank has announced 14 million euros to Emzor Pharmaceuticals to establish the first active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) manufacturing plant to accelerate treatments against malaria. 

This partnership, a significant milestone in healthcare initiatives paves the way for the first active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) manufacturing plant in Nigeria and Africa.

The plant will be focusing on the production of high-quality and affordable anti-malarial drugs. 

The plant will also be the first anti-malarial active pharmaceutical ingredients manufacturing plant in Africa.

Emzor Pharmaceutical Industries Limited acquired this loan to develop a $23 million plant, which is now near completion. 

The API for Africa (APIFA), a non-profit organisation committed to transforming pharmaceutical manufacturing in Sub-Saharan Africa, played a significant role in bringing the partnership to fruition.

It is a significant milestone in Africa’s healthcare sector and APIFA’s overarching mission to transform pharmaceutical manufacturing across Africa. 

The Chief Executive Director of APIFA, Dr Frank Keffer, emphasized that the partnership would enhance access to quality for Africans. 

Emzor Pharmaceuticals has partnered with India’s Mangalam Drugs and Organics Limited for technology transfer training, testing and initial production at the site.