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FG responsible for the collapse of Nigerian airlines – Stakeholder



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The Chief Executive Officer of West Link Airlines, a charter operator, Capt. Ibrahim Mshelia has described civil aviation regulations in Nigeria as great moves, but limiting the growth of the airline sub-sector.

Mshelia also said that the Federal Government through its multiple charges was responsible for the early deaths of the Nigerian airlines.

Speaking with Niarametrics in Lagos during the week, Mshelia said that the regulations were discouraging and contributed to the collapse of some of the indigenous airlines.

According to him, the airlines are overburdened with charges, thereby limiting their potential for growth and expansion.

Mshelia explained that some of the unnecessary charges are passed over to the flying public, which makes air tickets expensive and reduces traffic for the airlines, while others are borne by the airlines.

Last month, the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) rated the Lagos and Abuja airports in Nigeria as the most expensive to operate in terms of levy and tax charges in the world.

In his presentation in Abuja, Mr. Kamil Al Alwadi, the Vice President of IATA, Africa and Middle East, said that Nigerian airports charge foreign airlines about 27 levies, making it the most expensive in the world and discouraging airlines from flying into the country.

Alwadi criticized the Nigerian government for stiffing airline operations with heavy and sundry levies and taxes.

He lamented the stunted growth in the region, especially Nigeria, calling on the Nigerian government to create a conducive environment for airlines to operate and thrive.