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FG to grant 50% subsidy to wheat farmers



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Minister of Agriculture Abubakar Kyari has revealed the Federal Government is granting a 50% subsidy to wheat farmers in the upcoming dry season farming to ensure massive production of the grain in the country, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports.

According to reports from The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), Kyari spoke with newsmen shortly after inspecting various seed wheat productions in Kano on Friday.

He elaborated on the renewed agenda by President Tinubu, aiming to secure food production for Nigeria starting next month, with a specific focus on wheat farming during the dry season.

During his visits to Kano and Jigawa to oversee seed production, the minister expressed his satisfaction with the critical role played by local production in the farming sector.

The Minister said,

The minister clarified that the Federal Government was diligently working to ensure an adequate supply of seeds to cover the 70,000 hectares designated for wheat farming.

Kyari emphasized that the Federal Government’s strategic plan is to safeguard the nation’s food production and achieve self-sufficiency, with a particular focus on eliminating the need for seed importation.

The minister’s visits included stops at the National Wheat Council Warehouses in Sharada, AA Albasu Grains Company, and Alyumna Seeds Production Company.