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How Nigeria can tap into the $1.2 trillion AI economy – Abel Aboh 



Abel Aboh

A member of Scotland Innovation Centre for Data and Artificial Intelligence, Abel Aboh, has advised the Nigerian government on critical strategies to tap into the global Artificial Intelligence (AI) economy valued at $1.2 trillion. 

Aboh who stated this while appearing on a Channels TV program, said the first thing is for decision-makers in the country to recognize that there is a $1.2 trillion opportunity out there, out of which Nigeria has the potential to attract about 30 to 40%.

He identified four key things the country needs to do to tap into this opportunity. 

According to him, the first thing is for Nigeria to be in strategic alliances with Africa and other countries of the world.

He said the second thing is to start developing and growing its workforce through digital skills training. Abel added that this will also include harnessing talents by attracting diasporan Nigerian talents back to the country.  

Highlighting the remaining two strategies to position the country for the AI economy, Aboh said: 

While noting that the current administration’s plans to train 50,000 people in AI is good but not enough, Aboh said the country should be focusing on key areas of tech to build people.

According to him, Nigeria should not just be playing the role of a powerhouse in Africa, but also a leader in the tech space 

Aboh added that several countries of the world are now taking serious actions about their AI having realized the huge economic potential it has.