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Investment grade ratings attained by Fewchore Finance Company Limited




Agusto and DataPro awarded Fewchore Finance Company (Fewchore) an investment grade rating of BBB- and BBB+ respectively.

The company has established itself as a top financial services provider in Nigeria since its debut in January 2018, operating under the stringent regulatory scrutiny of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

Over the last six years, the company has proven its financial strength: by continuously delivering profitable operations and earning the trust of its clients. They currently have a Balance Sheet over N10 billion.

Fewchore’s success is built on a solid foundation of fundamental capabilities in Investments, Loans, and Financial Advisory services, because of its competence in these areas, the company has been able to deliver bespoke solutions to varied customers, ranging from individuals to businesses of all kinds.

The company has a successful track record and has completed rigorous audits by Deloitte & Touche, demonstrating its dedication to transparency and integrity.

Fewchore is a significant force in the financial sector, with a presence in many states whilst having an operational basis in Lagos and Abuja.

The company’s excellent financial position has been crucial in helping it weather economic storms and emerge stronger; continually generating value for its stakeholders.

Fewchore Finance Company Limited’s latest recognition is nothing short of a milestone.

Fewchore Finance has been rated as an Investment Grade by both Agusto & Co. and DataPro Limited, which speaks volumes about the company’s creditworthiness and financial stability.

Agusto & Co., renowned for its rigorous and unbiased assessments, has affirmed Fewchore Finance’s resilience and sound financial practices.

Similarly, DataPro Limited, a pioneer in data-driven insights, has validated Fewchore Finance’s position as a reliable and attractive investment option.

Receiving an Investment Grade rating is more than just a recognition it is an endorsement of Fewchore Finance’s unwavering dedication to delivering value, developing trust, and supporting financial stability.

This achievement not only strengthens Fewchore Finance’s market position but also instills confidence in its clients and stakeholders.