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Labour Party backs NLC proposed Nationwide Strike



labour party chariman

On Wednesday, the Labour Party’s leadership expressed its full endorsement of the impending industrial action organized by the Nigeria Labour Congress and Trade Union Congress.

They criticized the presidency for its apparent indifference to the struggles of Nigerian workers.

The development is a response to organized labour’s decision to disrupt nationwide activities beginning on October 3. This move comes in the aftermath of the government’s failure to adequately execute policies designed to alleviate the masses’ suffering after the fuel subsidy’s removal.

After the NLC’s 21-day ultimatum ended last week, National President Joe Ajaero expressed his frustration, noting that none of the demands presented to the Federal Government had been attended to.

The NLC and TUC are making several demands, including wage increases, the rollout of palliative measures, tax exemptions and benefits for public sector employees, and a reassessment of the minimum wage.

Reacting to the proposed strike in a statement titled ‘Workers strike: Labour Party identifies with Nigerian workers’ on Wednesday, National Publicity Secretary of LP, Obiora Ifoh, bemoaned that Nigerian workers have shown enough patience and understanding.

Addressing party supporters, Ifoh advised them to prepare sufficient food provisions. He further stated that the LP leadership would endorse any legal avenues to advocate for improved welfare for Nigerian workers.

He said,

Speaking further, Ifoh also noted that the present government’s action is a reflection of the fact that it was not based on the people’s choice at the poll.

According to him, Nigerians were denied their constitutional franchise during the election in what he described as an ’institutional conspiracy.’

He said,