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Lagos State Govt to arraign 14 LASTMA officers over extortion



LASTMA GM Bolaji Oreagba1.webp

The Lagos State Government has announced its intention to bring 14 LASTMA personnel before a disciplinary panel for allegations of extortion and high-handed behaviour, by the state’s established rules and regulations.

Bolaji Oreagba, the General Manager, conveyed the traffic regulatory body’s announcement through a statement signed by Adebayo Taofiq, Director of the Public Affairs and Enlightenment Department, over the weekend.

Oreagba reported that 11 Senior and 3 Junior LASTMA Officers were apprehended at various locations throughout the state for allegedly accepting bribes from motorists.

Stressing the importance of transparency within the Agency, Oreagba expressed his determination to cooperate with the state government to administer strict and severe consequences to officers and personnel.

This collective action seeks to cleanse the agency of a limited number of individuals who are damaging its reputation.

The General Manager further instructed all Agency Officers to consistently perform their duties in strict adherence to the governing laws. Any operative found tarnishing the Agency or the Government’s reputation will be held accountable.