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Lithuania’s work visa program for non-EU nationals, job sites, employment agencies



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Lithuania launched its visa program this year which grants work visas to non-European Union (EU) citizens, providing them with an opportunity to work in Europe.

This work visa program will enable nationals from outside Europe such as Nigeria to partake in it.

The program so far has been adjudged to have a high success rate, job opportunities, and a chance to explore the country making it an attractive option for those seeking employment in diverse sectors.

Lithuania is known for its strong economy and relatively small population, with numerous job prospects for foreigners.

Situated in Northern Europe, Lithuania shares borders with Latvia, Belarus, Poland, Russia, and Sweden, with a population of approximately 2.86 million. Its capital and largest city is Vilnius.

This article will detail the application process, prerequisites, prominent job platforms, and employment agencies in Lithuania.

There are several types of work permits issued in Lithuania, and they usually include:

The Lithuania Work Visa is exclusively available to non-EU nationals, making it an attractive option for Nigerian nationals. Applicants also need to have a higher education.

Under this program, eligible non-EU nationals will be granted a National Long-Term Visa (D Visa), which allows them to work in Lithuania for extended durations.

To start the work visa application process, non-EU nationals must first obtain a work permit, which is obtainable through a Lithuanian employer providing employment opportunities. The processing time for the Lithuania Work Permit is typically seven days.

According to this report seen by ThePressNG, the cost of living in Lithuania typically ranges from €800 to €1400 per month.

The Lithuania Work Visa offers flexibility with a maximum validity of up to six months, aligning with the duration of employment. This aligns with job opportunities of a seasonal nature.

To apply for the National Long-Term D Visa for Lithuania after securing the work permit, applicants can expect a processing time of approximately nineteen days.

This visa is issued by the Lithuanian embassy or consulate, and there is a visa fee of €140 applicable for the National Long-Term D Visa.

Interested individuals can commence the application process for the Lithuania Work Visa by visiting the official website Click here.