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Nigerian healthcare startup, WellaHealth’s Healthsend expands into Kenya



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According to a post by Tech Point Africa on its official X (formerly Twitter) account, the Nigerian healthcare startup, Wellahealth has launched its subsidiary, Healthsend Africa in Kenya.

Healthsend Africa was launched in Nigeria in June 2023.  

The decision to expand Healthsend to Kenya came as a result of a large and significant community of Kenyans living abroad, having healthcare challenges similar to the Nigerian market.

Healthsend also has strong ties with Kenya’s local health and technology ecosystem. 

Nigerians and Kenyans living abroad can use Healthsend to top up a website wallet system and pay for all the healthcare services the company offers for their family members in Nigeria and Kenya.

The service would be available to the African diaspora community in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Asia. 

Neto Ikpeme, CEO WellaHealth launched Healthsend so that Africans living abroad can ensure their families here have access to high quality medications and care. 

He also did it to take advantage of the African diaspora’s potential to improve access to healthcare. 

Nigerians that have relocated can buy medicines, health plans and health insurance for loved ones in Nigeria. In Kenya, they can obtain services related to prescription medication purchase for chronic illnesses.

The company plans to provide the immigrant’s loved ones in Kenya access to health plans like health insurance. 

The company intends to become pan-African soon. It plans to enter new markets on the continent soon while focusing on expanding its influence in Nigeria and Kenya.