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No existing federal road can last up to seven years, says Umahi



Ebonyi State Governor Dave Umahi

The Minister of Works, Dave Umahi, has declared that no existing federal road can last up to seven years.

He expressed that the verdict had been shaped by the information gathered during his recent cross-country road inspection journey. He emphasized the widespread issue of potholes and the alarming degradation of certain roads, likening them to “boreholes.”

At the ministry headquarters in Abuja on Tuesday, the minister conveyed his frustration with the inadequate work performed by contractors over the years when speaking to contractors representing all six geo-political zones.

He directed the contractors to redesign their projects to concrete projects rather than asphalt. He vowed not to pay any contractor who does not do that.

The ex-governor of Ebonyi State also raised concerns about contractors carrying out unauthorized extra work and urged them to acquire proper authorization.

He stressed the significance of meticulous documentation and clearance processes, firmly stating that contracts would only be approved with the required design plans and original road blueprints.

He said,

The minister, while admonishing ministry workers for their lack of oversight on road projects, also condemned the entirety of Nigeria’s construction industry.

He claimed that the subpar state of the roads resulted from insufficient professionalism and obsolete construction techniques.

Additionally, he instructed all contractors to shift their projects towards concrete technology instead of asphalt and firmly promised to withhold payments from any contractor failing to comply with this directive.

Rejecting allegations of an impending N9,000 cement price due to concrete road projects, the minister asserts that this narrative is part of a larger conspiracy orchestrated by influential figures within the construction sector to discredit him.

He said,