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OpenAI, Microsoft, Google, Anthropic create $10 million AI Safety Fund



Microsoft Google

Frontier Model Forum founders comprising Anthropic, Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI have set up a $10 million AI Safety Fund to promote responsible artificial intelligence research.

The Forum also announced the appointment of Chris Meserole as its first Executive Director.  This came as the first major announcement from the quad since establishing the Frontier Model Forum industry body in July.

The Frontier Model Forum is an industry body focused on ensuring that any advancements in AI technology and research remain safe, secure, and under human control while identifying best practices and standards. It also aims to facilitate information-sharing among policymakers and the industry.

Explaining the purpose of the $10 million AI Safety Fund, the Forum in a statement announcing the initiative, said:

Earlier this year, the members of the Forum signed on to voluntary AI commitments at the White House, which included a pledge to facilitate third-party discovery and reporting of vulnerabilities in their AI systems.

The Forum said the AI Safety Fund as an important part of fulfilling this commitment by providing the external community with funding to better evaluate and understand frontier systems.