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Patricia technologies, vindicated as Nigerian Police force PR exposes hackers 




The Nigeria Police Force recorded a breakthrough in the reported cybercrime perpetrated against Patricia Technologies with the arrest of one of the suspects, Wilfred Bonse, after a thorough investigation into the case by the National Cybercrime Center of the Nigeria Police (NPF-NCCC).  

Patricia Technologies had earlier this year petitioned the Inspector General of Police to report the alleged theft following a reported breach of its cryptocurrency trading platform, Patricia.

The incident resulted in the loss of funds belonging to depositors and led to the suspension of the platform by Patricia Technologies to curtail further compromise of depositors’ funds.  

The ensuing investigation revealed a far-reaching criminal conspiracy involving the unauthorized modification of computer systems, and network data, and the unlawful diversion of funds totalling over 607 Million Naira belonging to the petitioner.  

The alleged theft included the conversion of cryptocurrency wallets and diversion of unauthorized funds from Patricia Technologies’ Flutterwave account, with Wilfred Bonse, identified as a key player in the complex crime, conspiring with others to fraudulently divert Six Hundred and Seven Million Naira (N607,000,000:00k) from Patricia Technologies’ account to his bank account through a cryptocurrency wallet. 

According to Hanu Fejiro, CEO of Patricia Technologies, the conclusion of the Police investigation and eventual arrest of one of the perpetrators is a huge respite to the firm, as well as all its stakeholders.

It would be recalled that Patricia Technologies, on Monday, November 20, started the first phase of repaying depositors who lost money to the breach and have relaunched its platform for operations.  

While the other co-conspirators remain at large, the Nigeria Police Force assures the public that comprehensive efforts are underway to ensure all involved in this criminal conspiracy are brought to justice. 

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