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Planning your child’s education with confidence, free of nagging worries that your dreams for their future may be compromised by financial failure, is arguably the greatest peace of mind any parent can hope to buy.

Equipping children to lead independent and productive lives is, quite rightly, a top priority for most parents.

However, since life is unpredictable, financial challenges often prevent parents from providing the level and quality of education they had dreamed of for their child.

They are not alone in this challenge.

Throughout history, parents have faced financial challenges when it comes to educating their children. School fees payment can be enforced by debt collectors, and parents can even be taken to court for failing to pay fees.

In response to these challenges, School Fees Protection Insurance was developed to empower parents to provide their children with uninterrupted education at their desired level and quality, regardless of life’s uncertainties.

School fees protection insurance is designed to cover the cost of your child’s education in the event of unexpected circumstances that could disrupt your ability to pay tuition fees.

While most School Fee Protection covers are triggered by the death of a parent, coverage can be extended to include permanent disability and critical illness.

Generally, School Fees Protection Insurance is designed to provide:

The Coronation Life Assurance Education Protection Plan, for instance, ensures the continuation of a child’s education in the event of the death of the parent or guardian named as the sponsor of the child’s education in the policy terms.

Offering fixed rates of payments over defined timeframes, the plan includes the following features:

School Fees Protection insurance is not just a practical financial tool, it’s a commitment to your child’s future, providing a safety net that ensures their academic journey continues and their dreams remain within reach.

Before obtaining school fees protection insurance, it’s essential to evaluate your financial situation, education goals, and potential risks.

The best way to do this is to talk to an insurance adviser. Coronation advisers can be reached via our [email protected] or on 01-2774500.