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Saudi Arabia introduces online visitor visa extension



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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has taken measures to simplify the extension of visitor visas, by enabling it to be done electronically to make it more convenient for visitors within its borders.

The General Directorate of Passports, known as Jawazat, made this announcement as it provided clear instructions for visitors wishing to extend their visit visas.

In an official announcement made on Monday, October 23, seen by ThePressNG, Jawazat confirmed this which eliminates the need for a physical visit to Jawazat offices, simplifying the process.

According to the General Directorate, individuals with a single-entry visit visa can request an extension for up to seven days before it expires using the Ministry of Interior’s electronic platforms, specifically Absher Afrad (for individuals) and Absher Aamal (for businesses), as well as the Muqeem electronic portal.

To begin, those eligible can log into their accounts on these platforms and make the necessary service fee payment for the visa extension.

To extend a visit visa electronically, applicants must:

To initiate the extension process, the beneficiary should log into their Absher account and pay the required service fee for extending the visit visa. It’s important to note that valid medical insurance is a prerequisite for the extension.

The extension procedures must adhere to the specified terms and conditions, and the total extension duration of the visit visa should not exceed 180 days.

According to the authorities, those facing difficulties with the electronic service can submit a request to Jawazat through the communication service on the Absher platform where a team will assess the request and provide status updates via text messages.