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Subsidy Removal: FG inaugurates Lagos P-CNGi Pilot Conversion Centers 



Lagos P CNGi

The Presidential CNG Initiative (P-CNGi) has officially launched a pilot conversion centre for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles in Lagos State as part of the federal government’s effort to mitigate the effect of subsidy removal.  

Mr Micheal Oluwagbemi, Chief Executive Officer of P-CNGi, while speaking at the inauguration of the FEMADAC Station on Saturday, described the step as a significant development in diversifying the transportation sector from fuel dependency to natural gas.  

Oluwagbemi emphasized that the CNG centre would pave the way for a more ecologically sustainable and economically prosperous future in Nigeria. 

According to the P-CNGi Steering Committee, seven CNG conversion centres have been established in the country. 

According to Oluwagbemi, the event held great importance for Nigerians and the global shift towards responsible energy selections. 

Speaking further, the P-CNGi chief executive officer noted that the centres represented Nigeria’s commitment to transitioning to cleaner and more affordable energy solutions. 

He said that the initiative would create jobs and greener opportunities.