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Tetracore fuels Nigeria’s energy future with its Graduate Management Trainee (GMT) program



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Tetracore, a leading player in Nigeria’s energy sector, launched its Graduate Management Trainee program on the 25th of September.

The program kicked off with a flagship orientation where 12 exceptional graduates who were meticulously selected from a pool of 100 outstanding candidates.

The inauguration ceremony took place at the Tetracore headquarters in Lagos, where esteemed Chief Executive Officer, Olakunle Williams and the company’s top management were in attendance.

This notable step from Tetracore marks a significant milestone in Tetracore’s commitment to fostering local content and people development in Nigeria’s thriving gas and power sectors.

The promising individuals will undergo comprehensive training in three pivotal areas: gas and power, behavioural and soft skills, and business management skills.

The program is designed to cover intensive energy explorations through weekly activities and workshops facilitated by facilitators with years of experience in energy sector.

Trainees will gain hands-on experience through fieldwork at various power plants, delve into upstream assets, and engage with gas processing plants within Nigeria.

Upon successful completion, participants will be set up to seamlessly integrate into Tetracore’s workforce.

The launch of Tetracore’s graduate training program comes after an extensive three-year assessment of gaps and opportunities within Nigeria’s dynamic gas and power sector.

Through close collaboration with stakeholders and partners, Tetracore has pinpointed critical challenges hindering the growth of energy supply in Nigeria.

The findings from the assessment underscore the urgent need for a skilled and competent workforce capable of delivering efficient and sustainable energy solutions to the nation.

CEO of Tetracore, Olakunle Williams emphasized the strategic importance of this initiative, stating, “Growing Nigeria’s energy sector necessitates the training of capable, competent, driven, and ambitious Nigerian young professionals.

As we expand Tetracore’s footprint and welcome new investors, it is imperative that we cultivate the skills and manpower required to deliver our sustainable energy solutions.”

The Tetracore GMT program embodies a culture of collaboration and skill development among young talented Nigerian women and men who share a common passion for shaping Africa’s energy future.

As a leader in the energy sector, Tetracore is fully committed to providing them with a comprehensive training experience across the entire value chain, enabling them to address Nigeria’s most pressing energy challenges.

Strategically, the program’s launch also aligns with Tetracore’s efforts in achieving sustainable development goals, which centres on generating local value by creating jobs and stimulating economic growth in its operating markets.

The company remains steadfast in its commitment to building African capabilities and meeting future energy demand.

Tetracore is an integrated energy solutions provider with a robust and increasing energy (natural gas and power delivery) portfolio across the energy landscape in Nigeria and a growing footprint across the African continent.

The group comprises 1 affiliated company and 2 subsidiaries with activities across the entire energy value chain. With a focus on local content development, Tetracore is committed to building African capabilities and shaping the future of energy in Africa.

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