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US commences Lottery Program for 2025, Nigeria, others excluded 



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The United States has commenced the registration process for the Diversity Visa Program for the fiscal year 2025 with applications accepted till November 7, 2023, but Nigeria remains on the list of countries ineligible to apply. 

This also applies to 17 other countries which have been excluded for the past couple of years. 

ThePressNG learnt that the aim of the DV program is to offer a special chance for individuals from countries with historically low rates of immigration to the United States.

For the FY2025 program, individuals from countries who have sent more than 50,000 of their nationals to the United States in the past five years are ineligible to apply. 

According to a statement from the US Embassy and Consulate in Nigeria, Nigerians were no longer eligible for the Diversity Visa Lottery but for those born outside of Nigeria or have parents born outside of Nigeria. In other words, those who were born in Nigeria to Nigerian parents are not eligible. 

The US Diversity Visa Program (DV Program) is a yearly lottery system that offers individuals from countries with limited immigration rates to the United States the chance to secure a green card. 

Annually, the US State Department allocates 55,000 diversity visas (DVs) divided among six geographic regions. 


The excluded countries are: 

 Consequently, candidates from other countries can seek to participate in the US Diversity Visa Program as long as they meet the eligibility conditions.