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Zest is connecting businesses and lifestyle to payments



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Zest is connecting businesses and lifestyles to payment through a multi-railed platform, e-commerce capabilities, value-added services, and more.

Set up as the fintech subsidiary of Stanbic IBTC Holdings PLC, Zest will execute a solution-driven and platform orchestration strategy that will serve consumers, businesses, application developers, and other financial services providers.

Zest will also be at the epicentre of solutions delivery, new partnerships, and better experiences in payments and customized solutions delivery for the group.

Zest unveiled its brand and platforms in a recent event in Lagos with proxy unveils in Port Harcourt, Kano, and Abuja.

This event, themed Universe 1.0, marked the introduction of Zest, showcasing its identity and culture through various touchpoints.

Zest’s fundamental design principles focus on delivering a multi-railed platform strategy that enables businesses to collect payments in any form the customer wants, human-centred design, growth powered by e-commerce, and operational excellence.

Using Zest platforms is to experience better – as their tagline, Go for Better promises.

With more businesses looking to expand and grow their revenue and access new networks of customers by going online, Zest is positioning itself as the platform to make that happen with free e-commerce platforms to enable businesses to go digital and sell online.

Through Zest’s ecosystem, businesses can easily begin selling retail items or services online, sending payment links for services, and collecting payments through cards, USSD, QR, or transfers.

Businesses can operate more efficiently, access new customers, and scale.

With the payment gateway dashboard, business owners and managers have a comprehensive view of store performance, their settlements, and user access control as well as inventory management.

Zest is a platform orchestrator that connects consumers and businesses to payments. We enable multiple options for businesses to collect payments, sell online, access value-added services, flexible shipping for order fulfilment and more.